Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time to turn off the fake face

We all have one. We all have that personality we strap on when meeting new people or seeing old friends. We naturally want everyone to like us and think we have vastly improved or are somewhat better than what they expected.

Why the FUCK is it so hard to be yourself? Why can't we just say "Hi, I'm a kind and generous person but i have an extremely low tolerance for bullshit so don't piss me off." Then if they DO piss you off, TELL THEM! Don't sit and stir and try to smooth it over, You can't fix feeling hurt by someone else on your own. You want the person to know why you are upset, so tell them!! put it out there!!! If we all did this we would change the standard of what it is be a mommy! We shouldn't be used as doormats because we have kids. We deserve the same respect as everyone else.

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