Saturday, August 6, 2011

Random acts of what!?

Today while shopping at a local store their were some teenagers outside. i sat in my car thinking "oh great. now they are going to try to sell me something. this is awful". i get out of my car, head into the store prepared to say "No thanks. Have a nice day" before even listening to the poor person... they say "Would you like a free bottle of water?" i think then say "No thanks." and walk in.  I get what i need and head out. They ask again "would you like a free bottle of water" then i say "no, thanks." go back to my car. I had to go BACK IN again! shit. i didnt want to deal with this water business anymore. I go back in and they say "Would you like..." I say "What is this for, really?" and they respond " Its random acts of kindness day." simple as that.  Wow, I am such a cynical asshole! i couldn't accept a bottle of water because i didnt want string attached. why didnt i just ask in the first place instead of being a jerk? Oh and then the last time i came out of the store they offered me an umbrella escort to my car since it was raining. 

I fully believe in random acts of kindness. I do a lot of nice things for a lot of people and never thing about repayment or what they could do for me, but when someone offers it to me i lower my eyebrows in suspicion. I think i need to learn to be a little nicer.

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