Friday, August 5, 2011

the mommy Olympics

The mommy Olympics is something you participate in when you have children, like it or not. Everyone compares your kid to their kid in every way. If they aren't bilingual by 6 months, they are delayed. ok, thats an exaggeration but the mommy olympics are a real thing. We pin our kids against their "peers" to see who does what the best/fastest. It happens in groups of friends, between family members, on the play ground and im sure at school. and yet we teach our kids to "ALWAYS BE YOURSELF'. This makes no sense to me. Why do we even give a shit what another kid is doing? why aren't we focusing on our own kids making sure they have the self esteem and support to be an individual and love themselves? I always promised myself when my oldest was born that she was going to get to be WHO EVER she wanted. gay, straight, bi, trans, fat, thin, religious, weird, whatever, and i would love her just the same. Im so afraid for parents that didnt make this promise. we shouldn't compare our babies. we should let them shine and be their biggest fan, always.

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