Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Shampooing your hair and other things you took for granted.

Being a stay at home mom seems like a tremendous idea. "Ill get to stay home with my baby! Ill see them grow and learn! Ill cook and clean and have time for me! whats not to be excited about?"

first off. HA.HA! what gives anyone the impression that being home with children is easy? if i'm not wiping an ass, im breaking up a fight. I find a few spare moments to facebook from my iphone but mostly, my house is in a constant state of disaster (its like cleaning up in the middle of a tornado. completely pointless). and god forbid i attempt to use the bathroom!! no no, that cannot happen!!! Showers are a thing of the past. sometimes i *gasp* combine bedtime stories so i can take a shower before i pass out face down in my bed for a few hours before i get a sippy cup thrown in my face and "TIPPY!!!!!!!!" yelled in my face.

I'm making a pledge. I'm making a pledge to myself and to those around me. I will make time for me. These kids have had me for 3 years. I want me back. The words have been spoken, now its time for action.

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