Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Someone give me a striped shirt.

I feel like a referee.

It seems at this stage in toddler-hood my children have no interest in being friendly with each other. in fact, the only time they "communicate" is when they are grabbing shit from each other, fighting over whatever piece of shit toy neither of them give a flying fuck about or are shoving each other in an effort to get a step ahead of the other one.

I swear right now i say "STOP HITTING YOUR SISTER"  and "I SWEAR TO GOD THE NEXT PERSON WHO WHINES IS...." more often than anything else.

Im willing to admit that sometimes i want to run away. who wouldn't? these 2 people i love more than anything in this world seem to hate each other with a fiery passion. the term "fight like cats and dogs" should be replaced with "fight like J and L."

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